Reset on Vietnam´s Phu Quoc Island

This summer we are traveling around southeast Asia. Mainly Vietnam but we will also jump over to Laos and spend some time there. The first stop was Phu Quoc Island on the Gulf of Thailand near Cambodian coast.

A stop over on our motorbike tour around the island.

The plan for this summer from the very beginning was to travel around Vietnam. However, before adapting to the traveling lifestyle for five weeks, we wanted to have a kind of a reboot and reset after year´s work at someplace warm and cosy.

So, we surfed around that web thing and found a Vietnamese paradise island (or islands to be precise) called Phu Quoc. About 600 square kilometers in size and an average temperature of 27°C. "Sounds good", we thought and booked the flights and the hotels.

We reached Phu Quoc by plane from Ho Chi Minh City and stayed in two different hotels. The first three nights we stayed in Eden Resort which was chosen because of it´s beaches. After that we wanted to move a little bit closer to center (called Duong Dong). I suppose there´s only so much reboot one can take before it´s beginning to get boring. So for the next three nights we had chosen another hotel/resort called Tropicana which is located closer to the center.

Both were on the beach and we have nothing but good things to say about these places. In case you are looking for a place to stay, mind you that both resorts offer a free pick-up and drop-off service from and to the airport. Keep in mind however, that it´s the rainy season in June on Phu Quoc. For us it was not a big deal ´though. Judging from the amount of burnt skin we got plenty of sun, and usually the rain comes in heavy but quick showers. Just hop into a street cafe for that time and you are good. Also, mind you that if at any given night you decide to dip into the sea for a swim, remove your room key from your pocket. I don´t want to name any names but let´s just say it´s surprising how fast the key disappears to the sea. 

Here are some photos from the reboot part of that week. Click photos to see them bigger.

Duong Dong and the night market

Anyways, I suppose we are those people who just don´t want to spend the whole week lying on the beach. Instead we want to see (and smell and taste) the local life and a perfect opportunity for that was the night market that takes place every night at the center (well, OK, I admit the night market is probably there for us tourists, but still it's worth a visit). 

Below you´ll find some shots from our walks. Click for a bigger view.

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Next post will be about renting a motorbike and the other side of Phu Quoc. Stay tuned.